Vatican City is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. Also today practitioner Vatican enormous worldly power (key words: power and money). The Vatican is also a hotbed of satanic occult practice.

Reading the Pope in all the Bible? Ranked based on Pope's works, he uses that case the Bible like the Devil.

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Snapshots from satans temple Vatican

The Catholic bishops of Rome, known as the "popes" have been sitting high on their thrones at the Vatican and wielded enormous secular power for almost 2000 years now. Vatican City is known as command and monitoring center for the Roman Catholic Church.

Official confess paveveldet incl. Present Pope Joseph Ratzinger (who plays the role of Pope Benedict XVI) to Christianity as laid down in the Bible and articulated by Jesus Christ. In reality engages Vatican gross blasphemy and violates Moreover Bible and Jesus commands and injunctions in several areas.

Vatican exerts massive secular power to this day, including through "instruction authority" over America's presidents jesuittveldet Vatican has tiltusket over time in various subtle and well hidden ways.

Moreover, the Vatican a hotbed of occult activity, popularly known as devil worship or Satanism.

Nyhetsspeilet here provides a glimpse behind the scenes at the Vatican, Satan's temple

Glimpses from the current vatikanistiske characters

Pope shows off their hands. Right-hand is bandaged. Could he have damaged it in a hockey tournament? Two fingers of the left hand seems to point to a questionable way, that's not a papal one. Could it be random, like a genuine accident?

Pope Ratzinger with their pretensions sitting on a throne-chair. Pope contradicts both Christ and God, and make blasphemous statements about themselves, such as Paul / Saul prophesied. It is written in 2 Thessalonians 2 v 4, the Pope claims to be the Holy Father (God - Revelation / Apocalypse 3:04 p.m.). This means that the Pope claims to be God - the Father. It is not possible to be more blasphemous than this. Even Jesus Christ claimed to be nothing more than the son of God. (Text translated from

Notable figures in the Vatican's role Gallery: In the middle Matthew Festing, chief executive of the pope's private army of Knights of Malta, a Catholic cardinal on its right side. The three in the middle is flanked by two vatican guards from the Swiss Guard (The Swiss Guard), in their unmistakable harlequin-like clown costumes.

NAEME so kozelig. Malteser commander Matthew Festing in its historic red uniform with epaulets fat shoulders in conversation with his supervisor Joseph Ratzinger, who plays the role of Pope Benedict XVI.

Ratzinger receives a long-distance guest: Henry Kissinger came to the Vatican from the United States, despite his advanced age. Little wonder is it that the Kissinger is allowed to attend the Catholic church's head. Kissinger's not Catholic, but Jewish, mass murderer and confirmed Satanist. Why does the book they browse so unused out? Could it be about an unopened edition of the Bible that Ratzinger received at the same time he took the papacy?

Obama at the Vatican in 2009: "It belongs now to the job of President of the United States to visit the Vatican." Why has America's Presidents in the habit of visiting Vattykanet? Hardly any of them are Catholics, moreover, the United States population a patchwork of virtually all faiths. Can Obama's visit have anything to do with politics ... or ...? The handshake gives an indication, fit mazonistisk, in a way ...

It has been known for centuries that the Vatican is "whore-mother" ("The Mother of Harlots") referred to by Christ in Revelation / Apocalypse chapter 17; which explains perfectly that it is the big city (Vatican City) which reigns over the kings of the earth, who sits on seven hills (Rome), where residents dress in colors of purple (Cardinals) and purple (bishops) that glow of gold, precious stones and pearls and calls herself "mother church." But Christ calls vatican-whelmed for "mother of abominations," his enemy and the great whore, and it is Him, and not the pope, who is right. (The text is translated from http: // www

Vatican ungodly and unfathomable riches

Paveveldet is the richest business activities on earth. Vatican makes money through deception, of the poor, to buy shares, property, paintings, gold, precious stones and pearls (Rev. / Apoc 17 v 4). What did God not to lay up treasures on earth (Matthew. 6 v 19-21). Christ said to the rich man that he should give his wealth to the "poor", which was the disciples' common purse and follow him, his teaching and his example. What do popes? They take money from the poor and give to the rich. They store it in the Vatican vaults (creating mass poverty) - the opposite of what Christ taught his followers to do. If the popes really work for Christ, why do they do the opposite of what they were commanded to do? (The text is translated from

One of the many stunning properties owned and controlled by the Vatican

The Vatican is a global business empire with the majority in Catholic countries. This is part of the Vatican's property portfolio in Spain (Madrid).

Fashionable cars are part of the Vatican's extravagance - in stark contrast to the hundreds of millions of poor Catholics in the world

Vatican's own bank plays an important role in paveveldets money transfers. Vatican itself is the largest mob on earth. If the Vatican had not started their evil "protection business" and tricked millions of people, these people's fear of God's retribution, could have done them better people today and the world would be a far better place. Then there is the Vatican's fault. (Rev. 17 & 2 Thess. 2: 7-12). (The text is translated from

Views of Rome from St. Peter's Basilica. It is said that the Vatican owns one of only three properties in Rome.

Vatican bank investigated now for money laundering. A sign that Vatican forming part of a criminal empire. Mao. it is not just a theoretical possibility that the Vatican is the world's largest crime syndicate -

Vatican as "Ratty" Ratzinger occult rat's nest

Vatican many secular practice is by no means accidental. In the Vatican's secret library hidden huge amounts of important information about factors that affect life on earth, even spiritual knowledge of the demon world.

Symbols and symbolic language is an important part of occultism, as this affects the energies that life on Earth is surrounded by.

Pope Ratzinger shows "the sign" with both hands (February 2009). Briefly, meaning "character" that "I worship Satan". (In some cases it may be interpreted as "I am a cool guy" el. L. - But Ratzinger case it is natural to assume that it means the first ...)

The Pope in a session with the audience in front of a cross that is turned upside down (facing a cross - inverted cross). Returned cross is used in black shows (a satanic ritual). It is used to invoke the power of Satan to help the evil that is requested on the black mass.

Strange headgear for a pope. Not the country and not the redneck. Saturn is an important occult symbol. Ratzinger is wearing a red Saturn hat for the occasion.

The Pope on his throne, flanked by bishops and Swiss guards in clown costume.

So it is finally determined by one of the Vatican's own, and to crown broadcast around the world of mass media, the devil is in the Vatican ...

"The Devil resides in the Vatican and you can see the Consequences," said Father Gabriele Amorth, 85, who Has been the Holy See's chief exorcist for 25 years.

The Evil Influence of Satan was evident in the highest ranks of the Catholic hierarchy, with "cardinals who do not believe in Jesus and bishops who are linked to the demon," Father Amorth said.

In a rare insight into the world of exorcism, the Italian priest publican La Repubblica newspaper That the 1973 film The Exorcist gave a "Substantially exact" impression of what it was like to be possessed by the Devil.

He also condemned the Harry Potter books, saying the rooms were dangerous Because They dabbled in the occult and failed to draw a clear distinction between "the Satanic art" of black magic and benevolent white magic.

Retrieved from

Trainer Mr. and Mrs. Obama at the entrance sign to the Vatican; hidden like that in public?

Otherwise, there is a series of videos on YouTube titled: "


Episode 13 deals with the Jesuit General Manager; The Black Pope - The Black Pope:

Jesuit and the black popes

Jesuit Order, The International Military Order of the Society of Jesus was founded in 1534 by occultist Ignacius Loyola as a military (!) Monk-order within the Catholic Church. Military has famously intended to kill those they consider their enemies, because they can prevent the fulfillment of their objectives, and the Jesuit falls well into the fold of history's military killers.

In fact it was the Jesuits who have been so devilishly devious and cheeky hiding behind a facade camouflaged by Jesus' name, who invented the motto "the purpose justifies the means" that they have practiced for centuries.

Pope Ratzinger figure and his dictatorial parent Adolfo Nikola Pachon, the Jesuit general manager. Jesuit dictator, which throughout history has been the world's richest and the world's most evil person, often both, called the Black Pope. The meeting shows words. one kozelig fraternization between the White Pope Ratzinger and the Black Pope Nikola Pachon. The picture was taken under Jesuit Summit in Rome in 2008.

"The era of two general's": Today's two black popes, Adolfo Nicolás Pachon (left.) And Peter Hans Kolve Bach (on right.). Kolve Bach went officially by the Jesuit Summit in January 2008, but were unable to stay away from the power of the earth long. Apparently he now works as an assistant for Spanish Nicolás Pachon, where Kolve Bach's most important contribution is in touch with the demon world (Satan and other demon-entities) and attempt to kick start World War 3, preferably with the use of America's many weapons of mass destruction.

Popes who have been murdered by black popes

The black popes of the Vatican has a long tradition of murder (white) popes.

Not only the supreme jesuittgeneral, but also other Jesuit agents are required to kill whoever when they get orders by their superiors in the Vatican. This is set out in by Jesuit oath that every Jesuit has been prepared. Eden as the Jesuits of higher rank must take sounds including .:

"I furthermore promise and declare That I will, When opportunity present, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do on two extirpate and exterminate restriction from the face of the whole earth; That and I will spare neither age, sex or condition; That and I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive These infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of Their women and crush Their infants' heads against the walls, in order two Annihilate forever Their execrable race. That When The same can not be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the Poniard or the leaden bullet, regard less of the honor, rank, Dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever march pray Their condition in life, the toilet was public or private, as I at any time May be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus. " Retrieved from

Here are some examples of Vatican Assassins ; killings carried out by order of the Jesuits:

The Black Pope Lorenzo Ricci in the middle, flanked by two popes as he got murdered. Clement XIII to v. Was assassinated in 1769, the night before he was to announce the dissolution of the Jesuit order. For h. Clement XIV, who was murdered in 1774, the year after he dissolved the Society of Jesus.

White Pope (Pius XI to h.) Killed by the black pope (Vladimir Ledochowski to v.) In 1939 Jesuittgeneralens design for this papal assassination was that Pope Pius XI was about to issue a manifesto ("encyclical") called humani Generis Unitas who voiced vehemently condemned the racial policies of Nazi Germany. Nazism was largely developed and supported by the Jesuits. Nazi cult organization SS was organized and largely staffed by Jesuit "priests". This was probably the worst example of Jesuit devilry, then SS plied ritual human sacrifice on a large scale: "The very purpose of conferring powers of priesthood of SS officers was precisely two make surethat all human sacrifice through the death camps was consistent with the High Mass of Satanism of the Roman Catholic Church. " (Eng. Quotation from

Pope Pius XII (on right.) Died in 1958 after being poisoned by Jesuit agent Let Popessa (center) on the orders of the black pope Janssens (left).. Otherwise peaks Nazi Pope Pius XII list of "history's most evil people" on

The Black Pope Pedro Arrupe (left). Gave the order to murder (via poisoned tea) at Pope John Paul I (Albino Luciani), the heart good and healthy as the pope who died in 1978 after only 33 days of papacy

Peter Hans Kolve Bach - black pope dressed in white as he performs ritual: With the power to shake and radically transformed the planet as virtually all who live in it makes it. What planet? Our common ground! Where were you when the towers crashed to the ground on September 11, 2001?

The real story of who carried out the Sept. 11 terror described here . Director: Vatican The man who pulled the trigger: Peter Hans Kolve Bach performing players: Knights of Malta .

"The guys in the smoke" on September 11, 2001: For v. "The-you-know" daemons that showed his face at the end of a fire-offering ritual. This is the Black (smoke) Pope parent. To the right of "the black smoke-pope" Peter Hans Kolve Bach, which is Earth's most powerful man. Kolve Bach is from the inside in the Vatican described as "the devil's best friend".

Vatican minions pilgrimages to Rome - for instructions ...?

Puppet President George W. Bush in the audience at the Vatican. It is not necessary to be Catholic to speak the same (sign) language as the Pope.

Bush sr. and 911-Pope John Paul II

President Clinton ("Baptist" - not Catholic - but Jesuit-educated ...) with Pope John Paul II

Three American presidents gathered in deep grief over the loss of his superiors Pope John Paul II. From v. George W. Bush (Satanist), George HW Bush (Satanist) and Bill Clinton (satanist). It is not necessary to be Catholic to sit in the front row during the Pope's funeral ...

Tony Blair shakes hands with Ratzinger. Funny handshake, sort of like where masonic handshake. Blair was the only one in his government who went into the military assault on Iraq in 2003, the slaughter of other faiths in old fashioned crusade style.

Israel Jesuit President Shimon Peres shakes hands with Ratzinger on masonisk view. When Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon would not dance after Vatican pipe he ended up in a coma after an assassination in typical jesuittstil ...

"Just a walk in the park": President Ronald Reagan (a member of the Knights of Malta) in the pleasant company of Pope John Paul II.

Donald Rumsfeld in an audience with the Pope in the Vatican sometime in the 1960s. Rumsfeld was Secretary of Defense of the United States under the large "attack on America" ​​September 11, 2001 Naturally ordered not Rumsfeld - as head of the world's most powerful military Army - firing so much as a gunpowder lappi chair the very same day. The towers fell, one by one, through self-inflicted FALSE FLAG-terror that was ordered from higher quarters, ie from the Black Pope in Vatican City.

Back to the present: President Obama and wife Michelle in the audience with the pope in 2009 Why are female visitors in the Vatican wearing black veil?

Vatican ugly record on sexual abuse of boys

Joseph Ratzinger is a confirmed homosexual pedophile. In Ratzinger pontificate has many criminal cases of sexual abuse of minor boys under the auspices of the Catholic Church has been revealed. Pope Ratzinger has ensured that not so much as one of the designated culprit is punished. He has both his reasons for it. The Jesuits elected Ratzinger as pope "who have something to hide" after the good experience with his predecessor Karol Wojtyla, such as sold poison gas to the Nazi Germany during the war. Paver with "criminal record" and shady desires are easier to blackmail. Instead of taking them murdered Jesuits get them to dance for his (Satanic) pipe. Ai - ai for a scary puppet of the Catholic church. A rotten church who serve evil powers in various ways, contrary to the messages of Jesus Christ. Good to know for those who have not yet received it with them, whether they are Catholic or not ...

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Hans K. Gaarder has an MBA and highly interdisciplinary by nature; "More interested in what is not a matter of money." As independent health researcher with physics as a basis, he concluded that there must be a lot of information about health, illness, disease prevention and healing that is kept secret by powerful forces, including information related to biophysics and frequencies important for body and health. In recent years become increasingly concerned to identify and expose THEY and what the hell it is they're doing.

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  1. huskarlahvot says:

    Hi Hans.

    "The Pope John Paul II gives devil character with one hand while holding a guitar in the other hand. Notice how the tip of the guitar head has the same shape as the finger character; one cool effect. »

    Cool effect, correct.
    Not that I'm a fan of the pope or the vatican, but serves really actually doing anything to showcase so obvious photochops? Neither guitar or devil character is real.

    See top photo here:

    One may wonder if any of the images or information in the article is true. Are they?

    The artwork behind the Pope called when not at Lucifer's Hellish Kingdom, where the hell are you from? It's called "Let Resurrezione" and is made of Pericle Fazzini. It's in the L'Aula Paolo V, one mottagelsessal the vatican. See more pictures in the link above. Fantastic artwork.

    Why is it necessary to have so many untruths if you have a good case?

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    • Hans Gaarder says:

      house-carl, thanks for the input in the form of precise observations.

      Some cool it was of course that both subjects were in the same blog site, unknown to me.

      Guitar picture of the Pope is thus removed, along with the alleged title of the background decor, since it probably is correct, cf. your observations.

      I have no desire to bring forth desinfo (which of course is one of the Jesuit specialties, naturally float part of it around the net). There are more than enough of good info about the Vatican, particularly historical information, as here at Vatican Assassins: .

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    • lump says:

      And what chair with upside down cross concerns:
      "The origin of this symbol comes from the Catholic tradition That Simon Peter was crucified upside down, as foretold by Origen of Alexandria. The tradition first APPEARS in the "Martyrdom of Peter", a fragmented text found in, but thunderstorms predating, the apocryphal Acts of Peter, wooden was typewritten no later than 200 AD It is believed That Peter requested this form of crucifixion as he fields he was unworthy to be crucified in the same overpowers That Christ died (upright). As such, some Catholics use this cross as a symbol of humility and unworthiness in comparison to Christ.
      According to Roman Catholicism, the Pope is Peter's successor as Bishop of Rome. Therefore the Papacy is often represented by symbols That are also used to Represent Peter - one example being the Keys of Heaven, another the Petrine Cross. During Pope John Paul II's visit to Israel, he sat on a chair with the Cross of Peter cut into the back. [1]
      The inverted cross is also one of the traditional symbols used by Petrine Orthodox Sebomenoi. "

      This should Gaarder checked himself. Incredibly released "journalism" ...

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      • Hans Gaarder says:

        Well - Klumpen, here we are both of different views.

        Firstly, I do not consider wikipedia as a credible source, especially in matters relating to disinformation masters Jesuits to do.

        I rather that this analysis of the inverted cross is right (below). Many well with their own eyes the practice of using facing lower in certain groups:

        "Inverted cross is used in Black Masses and it is used to call upon power from Satan two aid in whatever evil they're Requesting that the Black Mass. With all due respect, you are wrong and should stop saying the inverted cross is Because of Peter. The whole Peter explanation of the inverted cross is two "lighten" its real meaning as well as distort the real power it has. "

        When it comes to the question of Peter, he was the first non "Bishop of Rome / Pope." Why? Not least because Peter never put their feet in Rome ...

        Here's a little about the matter from one of my favorite sources about the Bible and history, Briton Anthony John Hill ("JAH"):

        "The popes claim to be the SUCCESSORS two Cephas (Petrus / Peter) wooden Means" a little pebble or stone »NOT a rock (petra). The Rock (Petra) was the TRUTH That Simon Peter (Petrus) had spoken, When he saidthat Nazir Jesus was the Christ (incarnated), and TRUTH That was the key to heaven That Simon Bar-jona (the Being) not Cephas ( the human, nick-named "Stone") Received (Matt. 4:17 p.m.).

        If the popes knew anything (and his book is PROOF That They Do not) about Good They would not claim to be SUCCESSORS two Peter (the human) Because not only was Cephas (Peter) NOT the first pope, he was NOT even a disciple. And That was official from God Himself through His angel messenger that Christ's Tomb, and it is underwritten, in Mark 16 v 7 - "tell His Disciples and Peter."
        Simon Bar-jona (the Being) was given the key but Peter (his human) never learned to use it.
        Peter was also NOT celibate. He had a WIFE and children, and it is underwritten, in Matt. 8 v 14 & Mark 1 v 29-31.

        The pope IS a successor two Cephas (John 1 v 42 "And he Brought him two Jesus. And When Jesus beheld him, he said, Thou art Simon the son of Jona: thou shalt be called Cephas [Petrus - Peter], wooden by interpretation, A STONE. "and 1 Corinthians 9 v 5) in one respect; and That Is that Satan is speaking through the pope; just as he did through Peter / Cephas - "the little stone" - when Peter contradicted Christ (like the pope does) Immediately after having Been given the key to heaven (Matt. 16: 22-23); and he IS a sinful man, just like Peter was, by his OWN Confessions, (Luke 5 verse 8) and Peter's.

        Out of his OWN mouth the pope condemns himself (just like pharaoh did). John says, and it is written, in his letter 1 John 3 v 6-9 that, «whoever sins does NOT know Christ and to let no man deceive you. He that sins IS of the DEVIL.» It can't be any clearer than that! God, THE Holy Father Himself, makes a statement, and it is written, in Ezekiel 18 v 4, about which there can be absolutely NO doubt, «The soul (Being) that sins, IT SHALL DIE.» – No «IFs, ANDs or BUTs.»

        The pope's assertion, in the centre of page 11 of his book, that he is a «MYSTERY» (Revelation/Apocal. 17 v 5) and that Christ will be contradicted (Luke 2 v 34) is IRONIC because the papacy itself has been doing EXACTLY THAT since it began. In the pope's own BLASPHEMOUS book he is PROVING that to be TRUE, because he himself continues the «TRADITION», when he is contradicting both Christ and God, making blasphemous statements about himself; when, exactly as Paul/Saul prophesied, and it is written, in 2 Thessalonians 2 v 4, the pope claims to be the Holy Father (God – Revelation/Apocalypse 15:4). That means he is claiming to be God the Father.

        «Rev./Apoc. 15:4 Who shall not fear Thee, O Lord, and glorify Thy name? for [Thou] ONLY [art] Holy (Matt 19:17): for all nations shall come and worship before Thee; for Thy Judgments are made manifest.
        Matt. 19:17 And he (Jesus) said unto him, Why callest thou ME good? [there is] none good but One, [that is], God: but if thou wilt enter into Life, keep the Commandments.»

        You can not be more blasphemous than that. Christ (the Being) himself (not Jesus the human) claims only to be the Son.

        John Paul 2 (played by actor Karol Wojtyla) repeatedly quotes Christ's Statements, with REFERENCES, from the Gospels and then CONTRADICTS Christ, whom he CLAIMS (obviously falsely, from his words and deeds) to SERVE.

        How long would YOU employ someone who always did-taught and the OPPOSITE of what you two do Commanded restriction, thereby calling YOU a LIAR? Certainly NOT for 2000 years!

        The pope FOLLOWS Solution Network and others (center of page 6 in his book) to follow the "TRADITIONS of but" That Christ himself condemns and It Is Written in Mark 7 v 9 and Matt. 15 v 1-9. "By your TRADITIONS you make the commandments of God of NO effect."

        They claim to be the vicar (the substitute) of Christ When Christ came Specifically two Abolish substitution, except for himself alone, and Christ said, "I will come to you." (John 14 v 18), "I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. "(Matt. 28 v 20). John (the disciple Jesus loved That more than all the others) wrote in 1 John 2 v 27 "But the anointing you have wooden Received from Him abides in you, and you need not that any man teach you."

        Christ saidthat HE would be with you always and HE would come personally to you, IF you do what HE says. So why would you prefer a substitute? The only possible reason can be Because HE does not come to you Because you wanna dis-obey HIM and obey the substitute (fake) pickup itself "quick and easy path."

        John the Baptist saidthat Christ would Baptise people with FIRE. So why do the substitutes Baptise with water? Water puts out four.

        Why do they go backwards two overusing water just as John the Baptist used, as though Christ had never come? It is Because They have NO four Because THEY are fakes.

        Why do they have "Graven Images" of a Cross and a worthless human body (John 6:63) as The Christ used? It is Because That is where they want two keep Christ. Outside, on the Cross, and dead, where He can cause restriction no trouble (like all pagan idols), instead of alive and inside, living in Their hearts and minds, guiding Their steps and lives, 24 hrs. a day, with His Light of TRUTH and burning out all evil (lies) with His fiery (not watery) baptism; just like Paul said (Galatians 2:20).

        The popes claim to be the closest person to God, When God Himself says, through Christ, that They are the "LOWEST of the low", and it is underwritten in Matt. 5 v 19 and Luke 13 v 25-27. "Anyone who breaks the least of the commandments and Teacher others two do the same (eg bowing down to the grave images) is the least in the Kingdom of heaven." - Commandment 2, in the Bible, says, "YOU shall not create a grave image of ANYTHING Worst Hotel in HEAVEN or on the earth or under the earth or in the sea and YOU shall not bow down and worship restriction.

        It can not be any CLEAR than THAT!

        Have you ever seen a catholic church That does not havethem and where the people do not bow down to worship comfy and comfy? They even sell them! That is definitely teaching people two break the commandments. God Himself says That those who do that are "the least in the Kingdom of Heaven" - the least in God's Eyes - the LOWEST of the low, and He says That They have to be stoned to death, along with ALL who do the same .

        That is The Law of God (2 Kings 23: 19-24). "


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        • Beate Szanday says:

          You fuck now, Gaarder? By using the page as a serious source of anything? :-D

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        • huskarlahvot says:

          «For det første anser jeg ikke wikipedia som en troverdig kilde, særlig ikke i spørsmål som har med desinformasjonens mestere jesuittene å gjøre.»

          Derimot er det troverdig med en side som starter med?:

          «DARTH VADER
          by JAH

          Who is Darth VADER in REALITY?
          (Yes Earth's REALITY)

          What does JEDI mean? Could YOU complete «The Training»?

          Where, on THIS planet, is ENDOR?

          It IS on planet Earth. "

          Jeg forsøker å få til en kommentar her, men ingenting som dekker det jeg tenker fins i det norske språket. Som Beate sier, er hele denne artikkelen ment å være et morsomt innslag blant alle dommedagsprofetiene?

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        • smurf said:

          Morrsomme innslag og ren underholdning har vi på

          Er det en god latter du er ute etter så dra inn dit istede å les artikler huskarlahvot :)

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  2. Michelle says:

    Arizona Wilder actually said in the interview with David Icke that the Pope participated in human sacrifice. But if we manage to think of it, this indescribable outrageous surrealist sick as Arizona Wilder claims about someone who appeared as man of peace, why did he do it? And why are they so obsessed with conveying a book called the Bible?

    Much money and positions of power have the least, but we must not let money dazzle us, and the power they have only so long as the light they give what they want or what they really are programmed via mind control from demons to be dependent .

    Our own thoughts govern our future, my advice is to turn off the TV and go out into nature while we still have it, meditate and do whatever makes you happy, seek contact with animals and live in balance with nature, take care of the body you have borrowed as a residence of our dear mother earth and create your future now, consciously choose love, light and forgiveness is my advice ♡ unlimited care for absolutely everyone ♡

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  3. The wolf says:

    Å ta små korgutter i bakenden – er ikke det en del av den praktiske utdanningen på kardinal-akademiet? Hva er egentlig hensikten med sølibatet for katolske geistlige?

    Hvorfor er Illuminati så opptatt av blodslinjer, dvs. biologiske etterkommere, dersom jesuittene selv ikke har lov til å formere seg?

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  4. ye says:

    Det er ufattelig at Vatikanet kan ha 1milliard tilhengere uten at noen reagerer på all den rikdommen den besitter! Leser ikke katolikkene Bibelen som sier at du kan IKKE tjene både Gud og Mammon! Forhåpentligvis er det noen katolikker som snart begynner å SE fingerspråket til pave Nazinger.

    «Come on Pope of Rome. Do the honorable thing – open up the vaults and give all the riches back to the poor, that they were taken from, and teach other rich people, by YOUR example, to do the same and then RESIGN; learn to sing, "The New Song" and keep The Covenant, as you are Commanded by Christ. Thereby ending crime brought about by deprivation and desperation; bringing peace and prosperity to the world, instead of to the few.»

    "You and I both knowthat you dare NOT do it Because They would KILL you. Go on! Do it; IF you have ANY faith! "

    "Christ says, and It Is Written," Be not afraid - of those who can only kill your body. Fear only those who can kill both body (human) and soul (Being) on ​​the Last-Day, When You are found unworthy. "(Matt. 10 v 28). Why do not YOU take your OWN advice? "Be not afraid!" You tell everybody else to do it. "Be not afraid!"

    "You dare not try two giveaway all the Vatican's worldly treasures That you really worship Because you have no REAL faith. Due Thurs That FACT and also Because of what happened to your predecessor who wanted two give everything to the poor; the one who mysteriously lasted only a few days in the job and died; you dare not do it. "

    "Why do not you tell the world the Truth, that you are only an actor playing a part, dressed in an obscenely expensive, white frock, and That the real pope, who really runs everything, wears black -
    The Black Pope - The Supreme Jesuit General »

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  5. BadOrWell says:

    Excerpts from the Jesuit oath
    "Among Roman Catholics should be Roman Catholic, even to be a spy among your own brothers. Do not believe any man. Do not trust anyone. Among Reformed be a reformer. Among the Huguenots be a Huguenot. Among Calvinists be a Calvinist. Among Protestants seek to be a Protestant. Win their trust and struggle even after being able to preach from their pulpits and speak about the need for all the disgust you can find in your nature against our holy religion and the Pope. Yes, allow you even to sink so deeply that you become a Jew among Jews, so that you can obtain all the information to fordal for your order as a faithful soldier of the Pope. "

    "Take side with debaters who are in conflict, but in secret deal with your brother Jesuit, who might be engaged on the other side of the conflict, but that still does open distance you had to be engaged in, only the church, eventually, can benefit from it,
    the conditions which obtain in peace agreements and that the purpose justifies the means. "

    "You have been shown your duty as a spy, to gather all statistics, facts and information that it is possible for you to come over, from any source. To find your place in the Protestant family circle and other heretics of every class and character, as well among traders, bakers, lawyers, schools and universities, in parliament and legislatures, to be everything to everyone, for the Pope's sake He earned death. "

    "You are hereby received your instructions ... and has served as confessor and priest, but you have not yet been inaugurated with all that is necessary to control or command the army of Loyola in the Pope's service. No one can here exercise authority not yet dedicated his work with the heretic blood, for without blood being shed, no one can be saved. "

    "I promise and announce ... that I will have no opinion or will of my own, or any mental reservation, not even as a dead carcass, but without prejudice to obey each and every command that I will receive from my superiors in Pope and Jesus Christ's army. "" That I will go to any port without complaint and will be underdaning or obedient to whatever is being said me - declare and promise I proceed, I will - when the opportunity arises be engaged in a relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics ,. "
    Many do not know why the Jesuits were refused entry to Norway

    "That when the said can not be done openly (or in public), I promise secretly using the poisoning, suffocation, chord (knife), and bullets and I will not let me stop by people's gender, age or condition and that I will hang, crush, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these accursed heretics and cut up the stomachs of their women and crush their infants' heads against the wall - to uttrydde forever their abominable race. "

    "To find out the facts about all things, we should always be able to argue that what appears to be white, we can claim to be black if the hierarchical Church declares that it is so."

    Kirken som forfattet overnevnte ed og arbeidsdefinisjon for sine åndelige soldater har alltid påstått og hevder ennå at Den katolske kirke aldri kan forandre mål og hensikt. Vi ønsker alle lutheranere lykke til med den nye åndelige familieøkningen som undertegnelsen av felleserklæringer leder opp til. Hvis informasjon fra Guds ord oppleves aktuell vedrørende pavemaktens rolle i verdens religiøse framtid, anbefales våre lesere å ta en titt på Johannes Åpenbaring kap. 13 versene 3, 8 og 15.

    Here are some useful links.

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  6. Mole says:

    Question is whether the vatikanstanden strive to live these words here,

    Matthew 23.
    2 in Moses' seat sit the scribes and Pharisees.

    3 Whatever they say, you shall therefore make and keep. But what they do, you shall not practice what. For they say one and do something else.

    4 They bind heavy burdens and unloading on people's shoulders, but they themselves will not lift a finger to move them.

    5 But all their works they do for people to see it. They make their phylacteries broad and their minnedusker large;

    6 They love to have the place of honor at companies and sit in the synagogues

    7 and would like people to greet them on the square and call them rabbi.

    as alldeses not meant positively when they were preached by Jesus!

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