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Bevis for ekstrem miljøkriminalitet på himmelen?

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Bevis for ekstrem miljøkriminalitet på himmelen?

Ny forskning gjort av Marvin Herndon et al, peker mot at klimaendringer og global oppvarming ikke skyldes CO2, men at hovedsynderen er svært omfattende og intensiv geoengineering. Se også: Den store kondensstripe bløffen, Hva har skjedd med været del 1 og 2, samt Blir feminine verdier redningen?

Radiometric Evidence that Chemtrails are not Contrails

ABSTRACT. Concerted efforts are made to deceive the public into falsely believing the jet-emplaced tropospheric aerosol trails, called chemtrails by some, are harmless ice-crystal contrails from aircraft engine exhaust-moisture. Our objective is to use radiometric measurements in the range 250-300 nm to show that a typical chemtrail is not a contrail, and to generalize that finding with additional data. Methods: We utilized International Light Technologies ILT950UV Spectral Radiometer mounted on a Meade LXD55 auto guider telescope tripod and mount assembly. Results: Radiometric solar irradiance spectra data that included the transit of a typical tropospheric aerosol trail between radiometer-sensor and the solar disc showed significant absorption during the transit period. The during-transit absorption is wholly inconsistent with the almost negligible absorption by ice, but is wholly consistent with absorption by aerosolize particulates, including coal fly ash. This result is consistent with other aerosol-trail physical phenomena observations. Conclusions: The public and the scientific community have been systematically deceived into falsely believing that the pervasive, jet-sprayed ‘chemtrails’ are harmless ice-crystal contrails. We have presented radiometric measurements which unambiguously prove the falsity of that characterization for one specific, but typical instance. We show in a more general framework that the physical manifestations of the aerial trails are inconsistent with ice-crystal contrails, but entirely consistent with aerosol particulate trails. We describe potential reasons for the deception, and cite the extremely adverse consequences of the aerial particulate spraying on human and environmental health. For the sake of life on Earth, the modification of the natural environment by aerial particulate spraying and other methodologies must immediately and permanently end. Keywords: Contrail, chemtrail, chemtrail conspiracy theory, disinformation, contrail science. Link: http://nuclearplanet.com/hhw.pdf

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Unacknowledged Potential Factors in Catastrophic Bat Die-off Arising from Coal Fly Ash Geoengineering. Publisert 19. januar 2020 i Asian Journal of Biology.

ABSTRACT. Bats have great economic and environmental importance, including nocturnal insect control, pollination, seed dispersal and forest regeneration. Bats, however, like insects and birds are suffering a precipitous global decline due to anthropogenic causes. Deliberate air pollution in the form of undisclosed tropospheric aerosol geoengineering(TAG)has extremely damaging effects throughout the biosphere. Forensic scientific evidence implicates coalflyash(CFA),the toxic waste product of coal-burning, as the main constituent of the jet-sprayed particulate trails seen around the world. Coal fly ash is a primary source of the ultrafine and nano-sized particulate fraction of air that adversely impacts human and environmental health. Recently,countless exogenous magnetic pollution particles from combustion sources were found in human brains and heart  tissue. Previous studies reveal that aerosolized CFA is a significant factor in the catastrophic globaldecline of birds and insects. Insects can accumulate aerosolized CFA on their body surface sand/or ingest CFA particulates that insectivorous bats then consume. Bats are excellent mammalian bioindicators of environmental contaminants and it is known that their tissue contains high levels of metals and persistent organic pollutants.From are view of the literature,we show that the pollutant element ratios in battissue and batguano are consistent with an originin CFA-type air pollution.These findings suggest that CFA, including its use incovert climateengineering operations, is an unacknowledged factor in themorbidity andmortality of bats. Bats, therefore,  are an important»canary in the coal mine»pointing to the urgency of halting covert climate engineering and greatlyreducing ultrafine particulate air pollution. Keywords: White-nose syndrome; aerosol particulates; coalflyash; particulate pollution; global warming. Link: http://nuclearplanet.com/bats.pdf


World War II Holds the Key to Understanding Global Warming and the Challenges Facing Science and Society. Publisert 23. desember 2019 i Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International.

ABSTRACT. At about the same time that Russian President Putin declared that “We are really witnessing global warming, the reasons, however, remain obscure….”, I published the first of six scientific articles disclosing the evidence and basis for understanding that particulate pollution, not anthropogenic greenhouse gases, is the main cause of global warming. The global warming that occurred during World War II, but which quickly subsided after hostilities ceased, was key to that understanding. The disquieting parallel of scientific behaviour during World War II and at present is key to understanding the challenges humanity faces today concerning science and society. Keywords: Aerosol particulate heating; aerosol particulates; geoengineering; climate change; atmospheric convection; particulate pollution. Link: http://nuclearplanet.com/ww2.pdf


Geoengineering, Coal Fly Ash and the New Heart-Iron Connection: Universal Exposure to Iron Oxide Nanoparticulates. Publisert 19. november 2019 i Journal of Advances in Medicine and Medical Research.

ABSTRACT Globally, air pollution is the leading environmental cause of human disease and death, and it is a major contributor to cardiovascular disease. Air pollution damages the cardiovascular system by oxidative stress, inflammation, endothelial dysfunction, and pro-thrombotic changes. Ultrafine particulate matter from the combustion of fossil fuels delivers the most potent and harmful elements of air pollution. Coal fly ash is a rich source of nano-sized metal, iron oxide, and carbonaceous particles. Previous findings revealed that coal fly ash is widely utilized in undisclosed tropospheric aerosol geoengineering. Proper iron balance is central to human health and disease, and the harmful effects of iron are normally prevented by tightly controlled processes of systemic and cellular iron homeostasis. Altered iron balance is linked to the traditional risk Review Article Whiteside and Herndon; JAMMR, 31(1): 1-20, 2019; Article no.JAMMR.526322factors for cardiovascular disease. The iron-heart hypothesis is supported by epidemiological, clinical, and experimental studies. Biogenic magnetite (Fe3O4) serves essential life functions, but iron oxide nanoparticles from anthropogenic sources cause disease. The recent finding of countless combustion-type magnetic nanoparticles in damaged hearts of persons from highly polluted areas is definitive evidence of the connection between the iron oxide fraction of air pollution and cardiovascular disease. Spherical magnetic iron oxide particles found in coal fly ash and certain vehicle emissions match the exogenous iron pollution particles found in the human heart. Iron oxide nanoparticles cross the placenta and may act as seed material for future cardiovascular disease. The pandemic of non-communicable diseases like cardiovascular disease and also rapid global warming can be alleviated by drastically reducing nano particulate air pollution. It is crucial to halt tropospheric aerosol geoengineering, and to curb fine particulate emissions from industrial and traffic sources to avoid further gross contamination of the human race by iron oxide-type nano particles. Keywords: Cardiology; particulates; aerosols; coal fly ash; climate intervention; particulate air pollution; magnetite; nano particles; geoengineering. Link: http://www.nuclearplanet.com/heart.pdf


Alle disse artiklene, unntatt den første som nå er under gjennomgang, har vært nøye vurdert før publisering i anerkjente vitenskapelige tidsskrift. Av tidsmessige grunner har ikke dette materialet blitt oversatt til norsk. Uansett, hovedpoenget er å gjøre flest mulig oppmerksom på bevisene som nå foreligger. En fullstendig oversikt over Herndon et al sine publiserte forskningsartikler finnes her. Hovedbildet ble tatt av artikkelforfatter 7. februar 2020, i Samnanger utenfor Bergen. Mine observasjoner er at aerosol spredning særlig skjer i forbindelse med værforandring og at naturlige fenomen som vind, nedbør, etc. da forsterkes kraftig. Med andre ord – en oppskrift på ekstremvær!

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Terje Wulfsberg
Terje Wulfsberg driver som homeopat i Bergen, og har lenge vært opptatt av det alternative. Han har i en årrekke arbeidet med å spre informasjon om den nye læreren for vår tid, kalt Maitreya eller Verdenslæreren. http://shareno.net. Har i mange år og studert Den Tidløse Visdomslære, særlig informasjonen som kommer fra Djwahl Kuhl eller tibetaneren, via Alice A. Bailey. Bruker nå mye tid og energi på å informere om våre utenomjordiske venner.


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Sven-Inge Johansen

Takk for et meget vesentlig bidrag. Neste skritt kan være å gjøre dette kjent blant så mange som mulig, særlig de som sitter på tinget bør plages lenge og vel, slik at de langsomt venner seg til at virkeligheten ikke er slik de tenderer til å tro…de har nemlig makt til å stoppe dette via miljødirektoratet og forsvarsdepartementet. Men det må et skikkelig trøkk til.

Er vi riktig heldige, klarer vi å få folk flest til å forstå at også Cicero Institutt er en institusjon som ikke har livets rett. For deres oppdrag ligger i løgnens sfære, helt ubrukelig. Klarer vi det, kan vi overflødiggjøre og gjøre Kristin Halvorsen og Samseth arbeidsløse. Jeg har lenge ment at begge er noen riktige røvere, Kristin er nok enig i det, når det kommer til stykke. Det hadde vært en hyggelig seier for sannhetsklimaet over Norge.

Mitt bidrag om flyveasken kan leses her: https://www.sveningejohansen.no/2020/02/09/faller-giftig-flygeaske-fra-skyene-ned-pa-oss/


Høytrykk skapes ved ekstern tilførsel av magnetiske felter og lavtrykk er mangel på høytrykk, Et punkt vil ovespenning akkumeleres, også kalt lavtrykk, og som kjent vil overspenningen balanseres ut på jordklodens største kondensator, altså jordkloden..
Høytrykk over fuktige områder vil forflytte fuktighet. Jetfly slipper ut varme og fuktighet, og den komprimerer nærliggende luft. Dette får vanndamp til å akkumulere noe som vil skape skyer, om fuktigheten i gitt område er høyt nok.
Visse typer kjemikalier i luft får vann til å akkumelere. Ved å sende f.eks. et jetfly igjennom et slikt område vil en øke sannsynligheten for akkumelering av vanndamp. Ønsker en skyer over et gitt område på en lavfuktighets dag, legg ut disse kjemikaliene, deretter sett flyruta til å gå igjennom dette området og sørg for at vindretningen er mot ønsket område.
Kunstige høytrykk kan kan skapes av anlegg som f.eks. bruker ionsefæren som elektromagnetiskfelt reflektor og kunstige lavtrykk kan skapes ved f.eks slik som Wilhelm Reich eksperimenterte med, noe jeg vil kalle for «komprimert jording».