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Eustace Mullins radiointervju

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Om jødeforfølgelsene og den sosiale teknikk antisemittisme


Eustace Mullins 1923-2010, hør 19-mins intervju, her.

Her er passordet fornærmet (offended), Suzanne from Lyndon Spring:
«I am just really offended by a lot of what’s being said, I lost all of my family in Hungary and Auschwitz, ok (?), they were jews; you know, I can’t take anything seriously that this person is saying if he is saying, you know, this stuff about Hitler an the jews and Holocaust, you know? I dont understand why you’re taking him seriously, he is just taking random facts, putting them all together, he is a ….NUT.”

Idiot og galning

Kunne det hende at Suzanne var mere interessert i å få frem hvem som sto bak drapene av hennes familie, enn drapene av hennes egen familie? Ja, kanskje hadde hun ikke engang familie der. Fordi hennes uttalelse kunne vært hentet direkte ut fra en av ADL’s lærebøker (Anti Defamation League, også kjent under navnet B’nai B’rith’s, her, Israels etterretning i USA) om bruk av hersketeknikken antisemittisme (?): Og som en bekreftelse på dette kommer avslutningsvis, mobbingen avrundes fullendet; … han er en idiot, en galning … dette er, etter min mening; intelligente, men kalde og fullstendig hensynsløse folk som ennå, i 2021, holder denne sosiale teknikk varm, selv om også de etterhvert aner at nå begynner luften å gå ut av ballongen. Hersketeknikken har forlengst gått ut på dato, nå begynner de å oppdage det, også…

På norsk: «Jeg blir virkelig fornærmet over mye av det som blir sagt, jeg mistet hele familien min i Ungarn og Auschwitz, ok, de var jøder; du vet, jeg kan ikke ta noe alvorlig som denne personen sier hvis han sier, du vet, dette om Hitler og jødene og Holocaust, vet du? Jeg forstår ikke hvorfor du tar ham på alvor, han tar bare tilfeldige fakta og setter dem alle sammen, han er en ….galning.»

Sven-Inge Johansen

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2 år siden



Alfred Rosenberg was born in 1893 in Reval* in the Russian Empire and studied
architecture in the Riga Polytechnical Institute where he obtained his diploma in
1917. In his youth he read with avid interest the works of Kant and the German
Idealists, as well as Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Wagner and Houston Stewart
Chamberlain. But it was his discovery of Indian philosophy that served as the
deepest spiritual inspiration of his life. As he comments on the primacy of the
contemplative life in Indian thought, “How far we are here from all greed for
power and money, from all rapacity and intolerance, all pettiness and arrogance.”

Quotes from Rosenberg selected by Eustace Mullins

National Socialism was the European answer to a century-old question. It was the
noblest of ideas to which a German could give all his strength. It made the
German nation a gift of unity, it gave the German Reich a new content. It was a
social philosophy and an ideal of blood-conditioned cultural cleanliness.
National Socialism was misused, and in the end demoralised, by men to whom its
creator had most fatefully given his confidence. The collapse of the Reich is
historically linked with this. But the idea itself was action and life, and that
cannot and will not be forgotten. As other great ideas knew heights and depths,
so National Socialism too will be reborn someday in a new generation steeled by
sorrow, and will create in a new form a new Reich for the Germans. Historically
ripened, it will then have fused the power of belief with political caution. In
its peasant soil it will grow from healthy roots into a strong tree that will
bear sound fruit. National Socialism was the content of my active life. I served
it faithfully, albeit with some blundering and human insufficiency. I shall
remain true to it as long as I still live.

Why is there also no trace in the entire Masonic ritual of Church Christianity?
Why do the Masons not talk of the birth of Christ but, like the Jews, of the
creation of the world? Why is there no Christian symbol in Freemasonry? Why the
circle, the square and the scales? Why not the cross and other instruments of
torture? Why not, instead of Wisdom, Strength and Beauty, the Christian trio:
Faith, Charity, Hope? (p.110)

The most important thing is to isolate man from his family and to make him
immoral When you have instilled aversion to family and religion in a number of
minds then let fall some words exciting a desire to enter into the lodges. The
vanity of the bourgeoisie to identify itself with Freemasonry has something so
banal and universal that I am always delighted at human stupidity. I wonder that
the entire world does not knock on the doors of the most eminent and requests to
be one more laborer in the reconstruction of the temple of Solomon. (p.113)

Already the peoples, led by the societies for the regeneration of progress and
enlightenment (i.e. the Freemasons), begin to bow before Israel. May the whole of
mankind, obedient to the philosophy of the Alliance Universelle Israélite, follow
the Jew, who rules the intelligentsia of the progressive nations. Mankind turns
its gaze to the capital of the renovated world; that is not London, nor Paris,
nor Rome, but Jerusalem, which has risen from its ruins, which is at once the
city of the past and of the future.

Does not the evident thought strike you that, if you give the Jews, who are,
regardless of you, citizens of a state that is stronger and more powerful than
all yours, also citizenship in your states, your other citizens will be fully
under their feet? (p.135)

In the name of fraternity and peace the Bolshevists lured to themselves
unthinking hordes and set to work immediately with a raging hatred against
everything “bourgeois” and soon with a systematic slaughter and civil war, if
this one-sided massacre can be called that. The entire Russian intelligentsia,
which had for decades striven for the Russian people and had gone to the gallows
or were exiled for its welfare, were simply killed wherever they could be got
hold of The workers and soldiers were pushed to such a degree that there was
no return for them any more, they became the will-less creatures of the tenacious
Jewish rule which had burned all bridges behind it. (p.143)

[hvis vi anvender samme tankegang på USA idag blir Nancy Pelosi (katolikk) “jøde”, Hillary blir “jøde”, CIA og FBI blir “jødiske”, og Media blir “jødisk”. og DNC blir “jødisk”.

Hva Rosenberg sier om bolsjevikene er omtrent det samme som hva Juri Lina forteller. ]

2 år siden

Sagt i intervjuet
– The Rothschilds control Israel.
– The Rothschilds is an extention of the British empire.

The Rothschilds = Vatican.

Israelerne er ikke jøder.

“Jødene” i Israel er 90% fra Sør-Russland. De var engang i historien Det store Jødiske imperiumet. Militært var de så overlegne at de også hadde ambisjoner om å eroble India.

Jødisk kultur.
Senere ble Hollywood full av disse hvite kaukaserne.

2 år siden

comment image

Hitler var pro-semittisk.

Protokollene promoterer antisemittisme
– for THEIR ANTI-SEMITISM IS INDISPENSABLE TO US FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF OUR LESSER BRETHREN. I will not enter into further explanations, for this matter has formed the subject of repeated discussions amongst us.

Protokollene -> frimurerne

Nyhetsspeilet om “kosmos”

ET/V = ET + ETV.
ET: Intelligente utenomjordiske vesener.
ETV: Utenomjordiske romskip.
ET/V-emnet kan sies å omfavne vår erfaring med utenomjordiske intelligente vesener (ET’er), deres romskip

Idag er Nyhetsspeilet et fossil ettersom de aller fleste UFO’er er fra jorden. De som vil se UFO’er i Peru, Chile eller Mt Shasta vil få se UFO’er fra Jorden.

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