Velkjent at 9/11 ble konstruert av USA på befaling av Israel

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    Frank Aune

    I dag på Veterans Today: Heksejakt på terrorisme

    An examination of the deceptions of the Global War on Terror now being rebranded as a War on ISIL. The essay makes special reference to the recent events in Ottawa Canada, Sydney Australia and Paris France. The role is explored of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Twenty-First Century Witch Hunt on Terrorism.

    Scores of skeptical observers are noticing the abundant signs of crisis engineering displayed in the supposed Islamic terror episodes that took place in Ottawa Canada last October, in Sydney Australia in December and in Paris France in January of 2015.

    The probable nature of this series of Mossad-style operations can best be understood as the Shock Doctrine in action. The triumvirate of deception in Ottawa, Sydney and Paris seems to have been carried out through real, yet covertly manipulated, acts of lethal violence finessed by operatives tasked to advance the rebranding the 9/11 Wars.

    In an article in Veterans Today entitled “Paris Terror, The Smell of False Flag,” Senior Editor Gordon Duff reflects on the apparently staged theatrics accompanying the ruthless murders carried out at the offices of the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine. He writes,

    Killing 12 French citizens to manipulate public opinion in a nation increasingly unfriendly to Israel simply fits a pattern. That pattern has recently included synagogue attacks as well. The first thing [that should be] asked when there is a terror attack is “who benefits.” No, the mainstream media doesn’t ask. Intelligence agencies don’t ask either. They already know. 80% of the time one of them did it, either directly or through a terror group they either created and operate, like ISIS/ISIL or one they took over, perhaps like Boko Harum or Al Shabab. No one ever asks where those satellite phones and new Toyota pickup trucks come from, as though they magically arrive from outer space.


    While the writers at Veterans Today, myself included, cover all manner of subjects a common understanding shared by most VT writers and its many avid readers is that the events of 9/11 were engineered from within US agencies at Israel’s behest.

    A primary aim was to transform Israel’s regional enemies into the global enemies of the so-called “West.” In the process the otherwise obsolete agencies that had emerged from the capitalist side of the Cold War were delivered a new transnational foe to seek out, combat and vanquish.


    This witch hunts steal scarce resources and attention from the many more substantial dangers facing humanity especially in the sphere of our environment where clean water, fresh air and healthy food are increasingly difficult to find. Moreover the witch hunt is a recipe for never-ending war and all the death and mayhem it entails. The unrelenting with hunt is based on the worst kind of deception, lies that are highly demoralizing, degrading, and destructive to everyone, but especially to Muslims.

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