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    Frank Aune

    Interessant lesning om GermanWings-flystyrten hos Veterans Today:

    Hacked: Did You Really Think Cockpit Door Was Locked?

    The Crash: Coming into Focus

    Intelligence regarding the unintended altitude loss with incumbent loss of life related to Lufthansa 9525 from Barcelona to Dusseldorf is coming to light.

    The plane may have been downed to end an investigation of massive banking fraud died to the CIA, Mossad, Crypto AG, Siemans and the Vatican Bank.

    Here are the real questions floating around:

    • A Spanish intel team was aboard specializing in cyber-terrorism, they were the target (limited confirmation)
    • The Spanish team was involved in an investigation of the “Swiss owned” company, Crypto AG (highly confirmed)
    • Crypto AG is a Mossad front. (highly confirmed)

    We have on our hands another case of “super-state” terrorism. The “Jews” didn’t do it, it wasn’t the NSA or the “Illuminati.” As it looks now, fingers should point to “the banks.” But then, who are “the banks?” What is their mechanism of power?

    I think we have seen the answer to that one, certainly Crypto AG and their partners, not simply “Seimens,” are a good place to begin. Those who access, control and use critical data on world financial and diplomatic communications are a bigger threat than any normal terror group.

    That they think nothing of downing airliners to defend themselves. They wage war and sponsor state terrorism as a daily matter of course… 150 lives being nothing to them.

    Crash NOT Credible Accident or Suicide

    VT breaks German Wings crash on Rense Radio

    • Dette emnet ble endret 4 år, 7 måneder siden av  Frank Aune.
    • Dette emnet ble endret 4 år, 7 måneder siden av  Frank Aune.
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    Boeing’s ‘Uninterruptible Autopilot System

    The idea of an uninterruptible remote controlled commercial airliner may be shocking to some, but during my examination of the missing flight MH370, i came across retired Delta pilot, Field McConnell, a 35-year flight veteran who cites that since 1995 this kind of advanced technology has been in use, culminating with McConnell testifing before a US court as to the existence of such systems.

    There is some evidence to suggest that these may have been operational in some Airbus planes since 1989. At the start of my research there were several publications that discussed the controversial autopilot feature a year prior to a subsequent lawsuit by McConnell in February of 2007, and according to his documents, the modification was reported to the FAA, NTSB and ALPA ( airline pilots association). Apparently due to McConnell’s lawsuit, Boeing was is said to have stated that by end of 2009 all Boeing planes would be fitted with the BHUAP – making them impossible to manually hijack within the plane but susceptible to remote control by the military, according to the flight veteran.

    In McConnell’s message about the airline industry, he has claimed that there are other examples of aircraft being downed remotely, including Air France’s flight 447, Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507.

    McConnell also mentions the ‘autoland’ and ‘autobrake’ feature for Boeing 777 plane, Additionally, the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777’s are outfitted the ACARS communication systems as well as satellite links through SATCOM according to Honeywell. The satellite/GPS based autopilot features of today owe quite a bit the Quartz Rate Sensor used primarily in drone UAV’s.

    Some of McConnell’s latest findings along with his partner Hawkins, have connected MH370’s disappearance to British multinational Serco, as many of the UK’s defense functions were granted to Serco throughout the years, including “Skynet satellite military communications necessary for a remotely-controlled hijack.” Over the years, Serco has been outsourced to provide support for various enterprises by governments all over the world, heading up air traffic control services throughout many parts of the globe, maritime security, outfitting operations for modes of transportation such as buses and metro systems, running security operations for private prisons, all while overseeing Britain’s military ballistic munitions and nuclear arsenal since 1964 – as a complex project management provider.

    Listen to episode #27 BONUS TRACK: ‘Uninterrupted’ Interview with Field McConnell

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