ET-teknologi vil dramatisk forbedre livet på denne planeten

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    Frank Aune

    Foster Gamble, mannen fra innsiden av kabalen som har stått frem med dokumentaren Thrive, er stadig aktiv med nye artikler og utfyllende informasjon. Denne gangen fokuserer han på vår galaktiske familie og betydningen av en global avsløring for levestandarden på vår planet.



    Are we being visited by ETs? And if so …so what?

    by Foster Gamble

    Here are some excerpts from Foster’s article. There are many, many good links to his sources. If interested to read the complete article or follow some of his links, visit ThriveMovement.

    My research in living geometry and frontier science led me into the realms of advanced knowledge encoded by ancient cultures and into “new energy” technologies that transcend the understanding of traditional physics. To my great surprise these discoveries compelled me to open my mind to the possibility that we are actually being visited by extra-terrestrials. How does all of this tie together? Let’s see…

    blue ufo

    I have been shown a vast amount of compelling evidence suggesting that UFOs of extraterrestrial origin (referred to by the military as AVCs – Alien Visitation Crafts, as opposed to ARVs – Alien Reproduction Vehicles, which are man-made advanced anti-gravity craft) exist and have been contacting and communicating with humans for many years – perhaps even centuries. This has huge implications. If other intelligent life is capable of getting here, then there must be ways to not only transcend space-time as we know it, but also to access energy in an abundant way that surpasses the capacity of any energy source currently employed on earth. It implies that we too could get off of fossil fuels, create more sustainable energy systems and go voyaging among the stars.

    Unfortunately, my research proves that the UFO phenomenon has been deliberately suppressed by world governments and military powers and in turn dismissed by the public due to ridicule and disinformation. When I explored the facts and distinguished between common myths, hard evidence, and speculation, I found fascinating, paradigm-shifting evidence and insight for the existence of advanced life beyond Planet Earth. It appears that we are not just members of the world, but of the cosmos, and that there is much to be learned from other-worldly civilizations.

    Crunching the Numbers

    By simply looking at the numbers it seemed to me illogical and arrogant to assume that humans are the only intelligent life. Our sun is only one of about 400 billion stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way, which is approximately 100,000 light years in diameter. The Milky Way is only one galaxy among hundreds of billions in the recognized Universe. What are the odds we’re the only sentient beings?

    According to a poll conducted in 2007, roughly one-third of Americans believe in UFOs and 14% say they have seen a UFO.[1]

    Recent UFO Disclosure

    I was stunned to learn that governments, military officials, pilots, and astronauts are increasingly disclosing information about UFOs.

    Government Disclosure – The UK Ministry of Defence has released hundreds of UFO files– with thousands of pages of documentation – for the public to see in its National Archives. France has also opened up more than 1600 UFO cases to the public. And in 2004, Mexico’s Secretary of National Defense authorized the release of UFO video footage from a military aircraft.

    two swirling galaxies

    Military Disclosure – Steven Greer’s “Disclosure Project” has identified over 400 witnesses from the military and intelligence community — including the CIA, NSA, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Army — who are willing to testify about their experiences with UFO and ET visitation. At the National Press Club on May 9 of 2001, many of these witnesses came forth and provided evidence to the media, asking the American Congress to officially investigate the subject and grant immunity to these witnesses. The issue has since been largely ignored and no further action has been taken by government.

    Astronaut Disclosure – Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the 6th person to walk on the moon, and Gordon Cooper, one of the seven original astronauts in Project Mercury, have both encountered UFOs and spoken out about their experiences.

    Edgar Mitchell

    «I have no doubt that aliens have visited this planet.» – Edgar Mitchell

    Gordon Cooper

    «I believe that these extraterrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets, which obviously are a little more technically advanced than we are here on Earth.» – Gordon Cooper

    UFOs in Ancient Art

    UFOs are not only a recent phenomena. They have been reported and recorded throughout history. Even cave drawings dating back thousands of years depict alien-like figures and flying objects in the sky. This is just a small sampling of UFOs in ancient art. There is some controversy around these images. Of course we can’t know the original experience of the artists, however, the vast number of similar looking alien-figures that appear all around the world, begs the question…could they be ancient alien visitors?

    Valcamonica Italy

    Valcamonica, Italy, c. 8,000 BC

    Sahara Desert North Aftica c 6000 BC

    Sahara Desert, North Africa, c. 6,000 BC

    Australia c 2000 BC

    Australia, c. 2,000 BC

    The Great Gallery

    Utah, 2,000 BC to 500 AD

    Implications and Conclusions

    Full disclosure of the ET and UFO phenomena could dramatically transform the quality of life on this planet. It has the potential to alleviate poverty worldwide, by allowing for new energy technologies to emerge, and shifting geo-political power on a massive scale. Right now multiple industries have a vested interest in maintaining secrecy and suppressing UFO evidence – particularly oil, gas, and coal companies. However, if we can expose the suppression, reveal the truth about ET visitation, and further develop new energy technologies that ETs apparently rely on, then we can decentralize power and make massive strides toward a thriving future.

    For complete article and all the links, visit ThriveMovement

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