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Information to the world

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Information to the world

If you wonder what is happening, why it is happening, where it is happening, how it is going to continue to happen, what is is leading up to and the most appropriate response to that you experience, read on.

This material will be delivered in as many different levels of detail. Each level will contain information that you can investigate on your own and “prove” to your self. You may, at any time you chose, accept the “big picture” as the details will only provide more pieces for you to put together. This will take time. You do not have much time.

What you do with this information will be your responsibility. It is my responsibility to provide you with this information – that is my “job”. I am not providing this information to discuss it. I have no intention to debate with anybody. Therefore you may wish to debate the issues with your family, your friends and your neighbors because everybody is going to be on this trip – everybody!

You have been experiencing an increasing development of your scientific technology in all branches of exploratory research. Some of this information has been with held from you. This is only an example of my case at hand. The population of the entire planet has evolved through the experiences of nature, religion and science and you all, with some exceptions, are still looking for the same thing – the truth.

Your global society has grown exponentially dysfunctional, even though science tells you it provides you with the truth. With few exceptions, none of your religious aspirations have led you to the truth, even though you have had teachers to provide you with the truth. You have not understood the truth. You have mistaken your personal truth for universal truth.

All nations of governance on this planet operate under the assumption that life on this planet is exclusively biological. Science has provided that foundation. You take life without reverence. You serve your personal agendas without reverence. You manipulate others as if it was your “right”. You repress free will in your selves and others. You do not understand!

There are those that do understand. These will understand more. Those that don’t understand will continue to not understand. They will need more time to do this. That time will be provided.

There is ample scientific proof of the fact that consciousness is not physical. That information could have been made available to every human being on this planet. Science has also ample proof of the fact that the universe is a lot more complex than most might believe. Still, science is being used in such a way that you are beginning to effect worlds that you do not comprehend. Your atomic and scalar weaponry tells us of the fact that the time has come. Yet we also knew that this time must come and when it would come.

What is going to happen now with humanity has happened before. You did not learn then, nor have you learned now. You never die, so there is no tragedy. You just need to spend some more time at school.

What is happening to the world now, has not happened before. Therefore two things are going to happen at the same time and, although the consequences will be the same for humanity, it will not be for the planet and all life upon this planet, also the planet itself. There is an incoming energy that your scientists have discovered but not yet understood. This energy is only one of several manifestations of changes you will be able to physically experience. Some of you have understood healing energies. These have been made available to some – to show many. There are those that understand that consciousness is in every physical manifestation of the universe. Just like you are conscious. Most of you are not conscious of the universe outside you or inside you. You are mostly conscious of the Television and the continuous search for money!

You must learn that the entire universe, of which you cannot begin to comprehend, operates under the law of free will. This is the “love” of GOD. YES the entire universe is a manifestation of GOD and U are a member of that universe. You must learn that if you seriously revoke free will in respect to another human being, that you will learn to suffer the consequences. To die is not a problem, but to take a life is, for the one doing the taking. You will learn by serving and suffering the equivalent that you apply. This is the only way the universe knows how to teach, through free will. That is the meaning of duality on your planet. The GoOD is free will!

Therefore it is also of no consequence for us if you choose to need more time to learn. For those of you with children and babies, even those waiting to be born, that each and every living person on the planet is here or will be here in the near future is here with a purpose. For all, it is to experience the changes that are upon you all. Some are here for the pleasure and the awe. Some are here to help those in distress. Some are here to heal and teach and some are here to learn through pain. Everybody has a purpose, a mission, and lessons to learn.

Because everything in the universe is conscious or aware, just like you are aware – (of what we do not know), you must consider that your sun is more aware than your earth and that your earth is more intelligent than you all combined. The most intelligent among you know this and they use this knowledge to do things that you understand as magic. You are mystified by the thought of stone having consciousness. You are like a fractal. With your outer senses, you have learned to explore the universe many light years away and wondered. You have attempted to peer into the smallest of what the universe does, and you wonder… where does it end and how far does it go. When you close your eyes and shut off the material world, you discover that there is an even larger universe inside than out and they connect each other together. What does that give you? When you figure it out, you will have discovered how little you know about yourself.

When you understand who you are, you will want to experience what you are. You cannot do that in this world. When you discover what and who you are, you can only experience yourself with others that have discovered who and what they are. Therefore you have something to look forward to. There are those that have discovered who they are, but not what they are. These will also have to experience what they think they are in another world. This time, your planet will change with the ones that have discovered who and what they are. Everything will change. You will perceive more, you will be able to do more and you will do that in harmony and you will learn that there is always more to learn and you will want to learn it all. And you will. Everybody will, sooner or later.

Next level

Changes in your society, changes on your planet

On a global scale you are experiencing the results of what you have led your self’s to believe. Each and every person is responsible for their beliefs. You must not blame anybody else but your self for what you believe. This applies to the kings and the pawns in the games you play. More and more will become aware of the pain and find their way to stop the paIN. THIS IS YOUR FUTURE.

Your scientists have noticed that something has changed with the “SoN”. They know also that something is going on with every single planet around the “SoN”. They are the responsibility of the “SoN” but your scientist have not understood that. They can only see some changes everywhere. If you look at the sky you will see changes. Airplanes are trying to block out the “SoN”. Had they been right, would they only have poisoned you all anyway. You people have been good with poison, suffering, torture, destruction and war. You piss in your soup and you shit on each other. This is the way the “Old World Order” has always been.

There will be an increase in energy and you will feel that as your mother EARTH feels it. It will grow and it will rumble and it might even shake a little. You will notice changes from the sky. Your weather will change and the radiations from the SoN. You must consider that you are a member of a galaxy. You probably never thought that the galaxy had anything do with YOU. WHERE DO YOU THINK THE SoN comes from? Consider the implications. OH MY GOD! MAYBE THIS IS WHAT “WHITE WHOLES” ARE REALLY ALL ABOUT?

From the mind of Mike Cechanowicz

03:00 local time Norway


With all respect it is from me and it is from YOU

Should you want to kill me, remember you are only killing YOU. Some people would call that a “sin”, I think of it as ignorance. I don’t want to die for you, I want to live for you, but then that would mean I would die for you, but I still don’t want to. I would rather dye for myself.

Remember when you look at the stars, you are looking at white wholes. It is the tunnel they call death. That would make life the BLACK WHOLE!

Where do you think U go when you dream?


By the             WAY what do you think your memories are all about? Is it not up to you to take out the trash and clean up your garden, remodel your house?


The universe is MINE-D

This is the “law” of ONE

If the SoN of GOD is the GALAXY and there are Billions of GALAXIES in the U- niverse, how many GODS are there?

U go up and U go down and U are the SAME


Why do you think people like FRACTALS

Do you ever think that PEOPLE  come out of  PEOPLE?

WHAT PART OF U/u do YOU want to B?

The secret meaning of sacred geometry?

The U-niverse is FRACTAL

Phi is the ratio of the STRUCTURE of the Universe. It is the structure of your body too!

The clues are all around you

Study the U niverse!

It does not matter if you learn about the universe from the outside or the innside, you will find the same. Its quicker if you discover the innside while you discover the outside.

You want to worship GOD?

Worship your SELF!

You want to understand the Science

Under stand Nasseim Harrimein! Maybe that will help.

Understand David Wilcock! Maybe that will help.

No matter what you eat, U are still eating U

Bli en av de opplyste blant 111.000 månedlige lesere

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Mike Cechanowicz
Om forfatteren: Mike Cechanowicz er Norsk statsborger, tidligere prisbelønnet reklamefotograf og kunstmaler. Han har viet sitt liv til forsking rundt bevissthetens essens siden 1987. Han er sertifisert NLP-instruktør siden 1994. Han har holdt en omfattende praksis med psykoterapi siden 1990 og undervist NLP, hypnose og systemtenkning. Han har skrevet en rekke bøker. Den første var ”Den Psykososial Arbeidsplassen” for LO-Industri, ”Livets Håndbook” 2007, ”Skjult Agenda” og ”Spillet” - 2008.


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